Spondooli Teacher Edition (12-Month Subscription - Windows Only)

Spondooli Teacher Edition (12-Month Subscription - Windows Only)
Spondooli LLC
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Note: Spondooli only supports US stock markets at the moment

Spondooli is designed for an education environment, therefore, to make Spondooli as easy to use in the school setting, either online or in person, we provide teachers or instructors with Spondooli Teacher Edition. Spondooli Teacher Edition is an environment specifically tailored to teachers' needs. Using this program, you can create classes, manage your students, and track their performance using leaderboards. Spondooli Teacher Edition can only be used with Spondooli Student Accounts not personal accounts. With Spondooli Teacher Edition, the tools to expand access to financial literacy are at your fingertips. Not only does Spondooli Teacher Edition allow your students to compete with eachother to reach stock market mastery (guided by assignments, the built-in teaching aid, and much more), but it also contains the revolutionary Spondooli Boom 'N Bust.

Spondooli Boom ‘N Bust is a fun, interactive, competitive stock market simulation game, where students trade stocks across a given period in stock market history while time passes at an accelerated rate. Students can trade stocks starting as far back as 1985, and with game lengths ranging from 3-30 minutes students have the opportunity to trade in the real, historical stock market at upwards of 5 days per second. Boom ‘N Bust allows for students to look forward to quick 3-30 minute games, where they learn decades worth of investment experience. We recommend Spondooli Boom 'N Bust to be used as a way to get students excited about investing and finance as a whole, getting a taste of what financial literacy can yeild. Once the students are excited and ready, we suggest using the main Spondooli stock market and banking simulator to give the students much more to build on.

Spondooli Teacher Edition



  • Windows Vista/7/8/10/11
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Graphics Card with DirectX 11 support or later
  • 5 GB Storage Space
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